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All your social feeds
(Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
in one, easy-to-use dashboard.


  • Search the recent messages posted on Twitter and be the first one informed if anything that matters to you happens.

  • Connect all your Twitter accounts and enjoy the most powerful Twitter client on Windows.

  • Get the best Facebook integration to access your profile, home, inbox and friends.

  • Update your status on multiple services in one go.

  • Customize your application (language, color scheme, etc).

sobees is based on .NET and is easily installable on any Windows Computer. By downloading sobees you accept our software license agreement.

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sobees for Facebook

sobees for Facebook is the one application you’ve been looking for on your iPad! With its newspaper-like, cutting-edge interface, it lets you stay connected with your Facebook community and get the facts that really matter to you.


  • View friends’ status updates, wall posts, pictures, videos and links.

  • See all of your friends pictures on one page and browse by profile picture, like a real face book.

  • Access and view friends’ profiles and walls.

  • View your friends’ recent photo albums.

  • Manage events and birthdays simply in a month calendar view.

  • Update your own status, and post comments and/or like your friends.