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bDule Already Improved - Release

bDule has been launched less than one week ago and we would like to thank you all for the great feed-backs, blog posts, Twittering … It has been a great week! We listened to all your feed-backs and requests and have been working all week on a new release of bDule, which we just pushed out. We have implemented the most requested features: minimize to tray, keeping the content when changing the template and a smoother scrolling. We have also implemented a filter, a particularly interesting feature if you are spamed. In the settings, you can define some words, so that when you receive a tweet containing these words, it will not appear in your timeline. Another cool new feature (but we need your feed-back on this one): when you select text, it will automatically be copied in the clipboard, so that there is no need to press CTRL + C. We also worked on several other enhancements and fixes. Following is the whole list of changes:
  • Button minimize to tray implemented
  • When you change the template, you can now keep and re-order the content
  • Smoother scrolling
  • Spell checker
  • More search results (and the ordering issue in search is fixed!)
  • Words filtering (antispam)
  • URL shortener fixed
  • Auto CTRL + C when selecting text
  • Timers redesigned
  • The Twitter column indicates the current user
  • Typing a tweet of over 140 characters is possible (but it won’t be posted unless you reduce it)
  • Possibility to empty a column content
  • Slightly darker font color
We hope you will enjoy bDule even more and send us more feed-backs!