sobees beta 0.7 - an all new version

We are really excited to announce that sobees has now reached the beta stage. For this brand new version, we rewrote the application from the ground up to make it faster, more reliable - to make it short: sobees is now better than it has ever been!

This beta version provides users with an enhancement of services accessibility and management, including all the popular social networks ( Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn) , as well as search engines such as Factery Labs, One Riot and Twitter search.

More intuitive and easy to use, completed with numerous functionalities and performances and a brand new design, implemented with a tab view and very low on memory, this new version aims to supply users with a full package:

  • Possibilities are now broader and much simpler to execute. Light and trendy, the design will help you to feel better with the application.
  • As for new features, you can now drag and drop your services columns as well as open a service in full screen mode, translate your tweets within sobees, display factery data and open previews of maps, pictures and conversations.
  • Scrolling and memories issues have been resolved. Your navigation throughout the services will resent these changes right away.
  • The aggregation of the web services is now much neater and smoother, including all the current trends and specificities of the most popular social networks.

Flexibility, totality and efficiency are what we aimed towards while developing and improving the new version. Download sobees beta to enjoy these enhancements and, as usual, do not hesitate to send us your feedback!

With the beta version, we now have a very good basis to go on developing the application and we will be adding great new services in a few weeks time, so stay tuned!


N.B: If you’re using sobees alpha, we encourage you to try the beta. You will therefore need to download the application from our website again (we will not make an automatic upgrade), but don't worry, you will recover your settings in sobees beta! The alpha and the beta versions can coexist on the same machine, so you can decide if you’re ready to make the switch. However, please note that we will not go on developing the alpha version anymore.