sobees web update adding lists and more (

A new version of sobees web has just been released! Along with lots of small enhancements, particularly regarding the MySpace and Twitter modules (we added the possibility to report a tweet as spam, to block a user, etc), this release brings three important new features.

Firstly, we have added the Twitter lists! No need to worry about creating groups every time you launch the application anymore: you will now find the exact same lists you created on twitter.com directly into sobees web!

Secondly, we implemented the official Twitter retweet APIs. They will automatically be used as long as you do not click within the text entry field (simply click on “Retweet” and hit “Send”). If you do click within the text, you will recover the old way of retweeting (displaying the “RT @username”).

Lastly, here is a piece of information that will please our Spanish users: the application is now available “en español”!

Thanks to these improvements and new features, sobees web now perfectly matches our desktop application sobees lite again.
We hope you will enjoy this new version and, as usual, we welcome your feedback!