sobees lite – the most optimized social client

Today, we are releasing a new version of sobees lite ( which is by far the most optimized social client ever released. sobees lite supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace and Real Time Search. Each service offers the best possibilities compared to any other social client.

With all the 5 services on a Core 2 Duo computer with 4GB RAM and a basic graphic card, sobees lite hardly uses more than 100 MB and when I switch to another application the memory is almost entirely released, bringing sobees back to 15-20 MB. This version also solves the text entry issue which was particularly painful on tablet and touch computers. Further issues were solved with this release such as API consumption for lists, Facebook Comments and Birthday, better offline management, Twitter Refresh settings, etc.

We are now on good tracks to move to beta early next year and are also working on some cool new designs and additional functionalities.