sobees lite Upgrade - Adding Retweet API and Improving the Performances

We just released a new version of sobees lite ( This version adds the Retweet API of Twitter, although you will still be able to retweet in the way you used to do. When selecting the Retweet button, the Tweet will now be automatically copied in the text entry box without any modification. If you simply hit send, it will use the Retweet API and add the avatar of the person who initially wrote the tweet at the top of your tweet.


But if you click within the text, the usual “RT @username” will be added in front of the text so that you will be able to edit the tweet before sending it (which is exactly what you were used to).


Retweets also appear in the timeline. And if a Tweet contains a URL, you can see the real link and an extract from the website thanks to Facterylabs.



Additional changes:

  • Better performances
  • Small changes in terms of design
  • Link to map for geolocalized Tweets
  • Home column in Twitter fixed
  • Facebook events fixed