Major update for sobees web

Although we did not release any update for a while, we have been working hard on sobees web, bringing huge improvements and great new features.

First of all, MySpace has been integrated in the application! Top friends, comments, status and mood updates: everything has been developed to help you make the most of yet another social network.

We also worked on the Facebook module, so that it now includes your full home feed, your profile and that of your friends, your inbox and all the birthdays and events. With these brand new features, it is, by a mile, the best Facebook integration!

Regarding Twitter, the module also got some cool new features, among which the OAuth connection which many of you requested. However, the best for our Twitter and Search modules is the addition of Factery! Its FactFinders will be running in the background as soon as you use these modules, extracting the best facts and enriching the feed. Thanks to this powerful tool, you will be able to see the source of any URL as well as extracts from the website, which will help you decide whether a link is worth clicking or not. This will clearly change the way you check your tweets! In the Real Time Search, you will also get a ranking based on your search query. This will help you filter your tweets in order to focus on what is important and what really matters to you.

We have also added the possibility for you to update your status on multiple services in one go and have improved the way you re-order the services.

sobees web is now available at in English, French, German and Italian.

sobees web uses  Microsoft Silverlight technology and runs on Windows Azure (which also help us connect to social services like Twitter and Myspace which do not allow Silverlight applications to get information directly).

For those of you who were using a previous version, you will need to re-connect to the services. We will make sure that your settings are stored in the cloud in the near future but unfortunately we could not take them over for this major upgrade. If you use sobees web out of the browser, we recommend that you uninstall the application and reinstall it from the website to make sure that you are running it in Azure (which provides better performances and scalability).

As usual, do not hesitate to tweet or mail us if you encounter any issue! Thanks for your continued support.