My Social Networks Important Update

Our Yahoo! Mail application, My Social Networks, just got an update!

While this application hadn’t changed since we launched it, back in December, we have been working a great deal on sobees and sobees web, bringing huge improvements, tons of new features and great new services. This all had to be implemented in My Social Networks, and this release is therefore an important one!


First of all, we have added LinkedIn to the application! So those of you who use this social network will, from now on, be able to update your own status and get others’ updates, view connections and profiles and search LinkedIn.

Apart from that addition, we worked on improving the existing services, most particularly the Twitter one which now includes lists as well as the official retweet APIs.

Thanks to the Twitter lists, you will not have to recreate your groups every single time you launch the application but will instead find the very ones you created on www.twitter.com .

Regarding the retweet functionality, it will now display the avatar of both the person who is being retweeted and the one who is retweeting instead of the usual RT@username. However, should you click within the text entry field, you will recover the old way of retweeting.

My social network is available for the approximately 29 million users in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy so if you have a Yahoo! Mail account, don’t hesitate to try and launch our application and enjoy these brand new improvements!