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Alpha test

You are already 1’000 subscribers for our alpha, this is a great message and we would like to thank you. We are very happy to open up sobees to more alpha testers as we are looking for your feed-backs to make sobees better and adapted to your needs. We currently send 200 invitations each week, so you can expect to get your invitation in April.

We had great reviews on downloadsquad and c|net . But Brad and Josh also correctly mention that we are in early stage. The alpha delivers most of the functionalities we wanted to build in sobees (module download, tabs, search, community, …) but all these functionalities are still in development. Some examples:

  • the tabs are slow and will be reworked
  • the community will provide people search and more services (we are currently building friendfeed)
  • the use of memory will be reduced by a factor of 2 or 3
  • the architecture currently prevents direct drag and drop between bDules (security issue), that’s why we have created the tray but we will improve it
  • the bDules will be further developed, our intention is to provide much more than widgets; every bDule can provide a real application equivalent in functionalities to a desktop or Adobe AIR application, taking advantage of the design, communication between bDules, synchronization…; as an example, behind the monthly calendar, we want to implement an agenda

On the technical side our roadmap is clear and we know how to achieve it. The goal of the alpha is to give you the possibility to begin playing with sobees and share your impressions and recommendations with us. We would love hearing from you what is your experience with sobees, how we can make sobees more intuitive, what services we should focus on… We will build a feed-back tool inside sobees, but do not hesitate to use our e-mail address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in the meantime.


Trophée PERL – Prix d’excellence

We received a « Prix d’excellence trophée PERL 2008 » from Lausanne Région .
In this regard, our project was mentioned in L’AGEFI today.


sobees review in CenterNetworks

I met Allen at SXSW and I made him a demo of sobees. Afterwards, I sent him information about sobees as well as an invite for the alpha. Here is an extract of what Allen wrote about sobees:

At the beginning of this review I noted that Sobees could become a mainstream hit. I could see my mother using this application and being able to connect to my writings, family photos, and keep connected to the things I want her to see. Why? Because I can setup Sobees for her and manage it remotely. It would certainly reduce the, "Allen, I lost the link to the mahjong page, help me" calls.

This comment delighted me. At the very beginning of the project, we wanted sobees to address our parents’ needs, our non geek friends, … On the blogs, we read mainly about geeks’ tools. As geeks, we have plenty of web tools and services available. Friendfeed is the latest good example. Our question is: will our parents use Friendfeed? Will our relatives use Friendfeed? Will our non geek friends…? And if not, why? What are their needs? What alternative should we offer them? There is a population of users needing simple and effective tools. They will never have thousands of friends, but they don’t want to miss any item posted by their grandchildren, by their relatives, … My mother wants to be sure she won’t miss it when my daughter is posting new pictures, when she is blogging,…. Our vision is that she finds most tools inside sobees.

The fact that Allen saw this possibility without clear mention of it in our communication is a confirmation that we are on the right way. The road is still long but it is so exciting when we have such confirmations.

You can read the full article here .


bTweets module

We wanted a Twitter module since the beginning of the sobees project. Bastien did it last week, in just a couple of days. And it took a couple of hours for Sebastien to style the new buttons, add an animation and make some small changes in the design. This is great as we now have a Twitter module with basic functionalities which already looks great.

As sobees alpha is still limited to a very few number of users, we decided to release bTweets as a standalone application so that you can already enjoy sobees look and feel on your Windows computer. We have also integrated 2 buttons to record some texts you tweet regularly so that you do not have to type them anymore. For the launch of bTweets, we have recorded SXSW hashtag.

bTweets inside sobees will provide additional functionalities like the possibility to change the skin, to filter the tweets… The sobees platform is still in alpha. We are fixing issues and release more invitations every week. Do not hesitate to leave us your contact information, you should receive an invite code soon.

Click here to download bTweets.


sobees alpha video presentation

We have just posted a video with screen captures of sobees rss reader to give a better understanding of sobees functionalities and possibilities.

Check it here :
Or here for a higher quality:
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