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Are You a Celebrity?

Type your name in our latest module "People & Celebrities" and check out? Or choose a name out of our list, and here is the result:



Of course, you can easily share news, videos, photos and tweets with your community. And next week there will be even more sharing possibilities.

Quantum Of Solace

We just released a new module: Movies. It is pre-configured to retrieve information on the latest James Bond 007. But you can configure it to search any movie, film director, actor/actress… If you already installed sobees, just click “add” and you will see the new module in the list. Click on “run” to download and open it. Otherwise download sobees.


We will release a new module every week or so. Do you have a wish? Leave us a comment!


sobees Compatible With Windows 7

We are attending PDC Conference this week and we were invited to the Windows7 compatibility lab. It was a chance to test sobees on Windows 7 and to get a first impression of the OS in general. The test results are great, all tested features worked perfectly and sobees is already 100% compatible with the next Windows OS.

sobees Windows 7


sobees Beta Preview is Now Publicly Available

We just launched our public beta preview.

sobees flyer

Based on your feed-backs, on the experience we made with the previous version of sobees as well as with our modules bTT and bNews, we made a lot of changes and this version really offers much more functionalities and an improved user interface. But better than words, we invite you to try sobees by yourself.

Just create your account here. Still hesitating? Check out the video to get more information:

Also check the press coverage on sobees:




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sobees @ TechCrunch50

We will launch sobees public beta in just a few weeks. Prior to our launch, we invite you to get a first look at sobees public beta during TechCrunch50. Visit us in the DemoPit on Tuesday September 9th, test sobees and give us your feed-back live. If you are not attending TechCrunch50, leave us your e-mail address to be notified when we launch.