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SXSW & MIX10 – get information straight from the horse’s mouth

We recently started developing applications for events to help you combine official and relevant pieces of information with your social networks – a new way to follow an event. Today, we are launching two of these applications: sobees for SXSW and sobees for MIX10 .

Our sobees event application aggregates:
  • Flickr photo stream
  • Google news
  • Twitter real time search
  • Official RSS feed from the event
  • Official Twitter messages from the event
  • And your Twitter / Facebook account(s), so that you will be able to update your status on your social networks directly from the application!

However, we wanted to do more than simply aggregate random information regarding the conferences: we wanted to add relevance, which is the reason why we partnered with SalsaDev for these new applications. Concretely, they help us analyze the most recent Twitter messages containing #SXSW / #MIX10 and provide you with the trending keywords of each conference. So, no need to be disappointed if you cannot come to the conference, thanks to sobees for SXSW / MIX10 you will be able to follow the event without having to leave you computer!
And if you do attend SXSW, well, come and visit our booth, we’ll be happy to see you!



Issue with Firefox 3.6

The web version of sobees (which is built on Silverlight) does unfortunately not work properly with the latest version of Firefox (3.6). Since the previous versions of Firefox were, in certain cases, sending wrong mouse coordinates to plugins like Silverlight (the iframe apparently being one of them), Microsoft had implemented a workaround in their code in order to solve the problem. However, Firefox fixed the bug in their latest version (3.6), breaking Microsoft's workaround and creating the issue some of you encountered.

Microsoft is aware of this issue and is working on a solution. We will inform you as soon as we get new information. Sorry for this inconvenience!


Refreshing social media with the America’s Cup

The current development of social networks progressively alternates the ways and means information is treated, selected and regarded. The platform sobees comes in as a practical and easy-to-use tool that allows interaction between the social networks, the mass media and your own discovery of an event. It will enable users to follow their chosen events throughout the multiple media vehicles that can be found on the web. Our application sobees gives you the tools and means needed to follow, interact and participate on a regular basis to the events. It has been built with modules that can be put together to provide a singular and rich experience around any events, topics, brands, or people.


sobees is being developed on the EPFL campus. Since the EPFL is also a scientific partner of Alinghi, we have chosen the America’s cup for our first implementation. Regarding this main event, here are the functions/advantages our application can offer:


  • Aggregation of the best photos, videos, news and Twitter messages around the event. Allows global and at the same time customized visibility on the events, as sources of information are various and multiple, going from official news (RSS feeds from the teams and from the official America’s cup website, Twitter messages from the Teams and from the organization) to personal and underground ones (what your friends and social entourage knows or tweet around the event).
  • Possibility of retrieving tweets containing keywords as well as Google news, with the opportunity to change the keywords in the settings. The information and what revolves around it can be selected, depending on the media type you are seeking.
  • Connection to your Facebook and/or Twitter account, so you can lively interact and participate with what is discussed around the event. Therefore, you will get practical and efficient Twitter and Facebook applications with all the functionalities you get on sobees. Resulting from these possibilities and after you have connected to your account, you will also have a status update field at the top of the application.
  • The best of both official and social community information combined in an easy way.


We hope you will enjoy this new application!


Introducing sobees search and discovery platform

We are very happy announce the launch of the sobees search platform, a brand new application which will help you discover the real time web together with images, news, videos and let you browse the trending topics of the day. We wanted this search platform to look and feel like our social clients and have therefore configured into modules. In addition, it offers you all the following functionalities:

  • Real time search (Twitter, Friendfeed, Facterylabs and OneRiot)
  • Image search (Bing, Flickr, Google and Yahoo!)
  • Video search (Bing, Google and Youtube)
  • Web search (Bing, Google and Yahoo!)
  • News search (Bing, Google, New York Times and Yahoo!)

sobees search is developed using Silverlight technology and is available directly from the search box on or



sobees integrated in Yahoo! Mail

We are really proud to announce that sobees is now available in Yahoo! Mail. This new application, called My Social Networks, is the one that was missing in your Inbox! As a social client application, it lets you stay up-to-date and interact with all your different communities (Facebook, Twitter and MySpace), just like sobees lite and sobees web do.


What are your friends doing right now?  Did they share a picture?  Are they enjoying a good meal in a restaurant close to you?  Follow all the activities of your friends without leaving the comfort of your Inbox thanks to My Social Networks.  In addition, the App also lets you search – in real time – all the messages people are sharing about your brand, your favorite sports team, a movie star, etc.  You will be the first to know if anything that matters to you happens.  My Social Networks also gives you the possibility to update your status on multiple social networks in one go.


The application would not have been complete without fully integrating with your Yahoo! Inbox.  We have therefore developed some ‘Yahoo! Mail only’ features.   Easily share, by email, any item you come across on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.  We’ve given you the possibility to add Facebook events to your Yahoo! calendar with a single click.  And, if you want to tell your friends what is on your mind while reading an email, just open the ‘Update Status’ pop-up window.

This integration has been a really exciting experience and we are happy to be working with the Yahoo! team.  Our aim has always been to create an easy, intuitive application to help people make the most of their social networks.

My Social Networks is currently available for the approximately 29 million Yahoo! Mail users in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italia.