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My Friends – Our new iPad App

After the success met by our first iPad application sobees lite, we are pleased to announce the release of My Friends. We wanted to provide our users with a complete experience. This is why we have developed My Friends: by bringing together the world’s most powerful social network Facebook and a cutting edge product that is going to revolutionize the way consumers live, we achieve our goal to allow people to remain connected and involved, no matter where they are.

My Friends by sobees is the iPad application consumers need to interact with their friends online. Developed in collaboration with Easybox Technologies in Switzerland, My Friends is a full-featured, easy to use application that allows people to view information retrieved from Facebook while interacting with their community, the whole experience being enhanced by the cutting edge, newspaper like interface. The first version of My Friends is built on sobees lite, with the addition of the following features:

  • Facebook Chat
  • Facebook Notifications
  • Choice of homepage (sobees magazine view or traditional stream view)
  • Picture viewing (Friends' profiles) and uploading
  • And many small upgrades enriching the experience

As we want to constantly improve My Friends, we are already working to add filtration and more social networks. sobees lite will remain for a while and get the My Friends updates in a couple of days.




The Windows Azure Case Study

Since Fall 2009, we have progressively migrated all our Web services and Silverlight applications to Windows Azure Platform.


We decided so to ensure the scalability of our application for our users all over the world and for users of our application My Social Networks, integrated within Yahoo! Mail. Windows Azure is THE Cloud Service for .NET applications such as Silverlight and WPF.It is perfectly integrated within our publishing processes and offers reliability and performance, which matches our requirements by maintaining our costs under control.

We are also very excited about the future of Azure and plan to release data as API using Windows Azure. We took part in a Microsoft Case Study which you can find here . If you are interested in getting additional information or if we can help you with Windows Azure, e-mail us at info (at) sobees (dot) com.



sobees lite for iPad available at discounted price until next upgrade

After an initial free launch in May, and as we already informed you back then, our iPad application sobees for Facebook will now have to be bought. You will be able to get it at the special price of $ 0.99 until our next update, which should be released in July (we are already working on it). Getting the application now will ensure you a free upgrade to the above-mentioned next version, so make sure you don’t miss this limited offer!

sobees for Facebook – The first Facebook App for iPad

We are really proud to announce the release of a brand new application: sobees for Facebook! This really is the one iPad application that you’ve been waiting for!

Developed in collaboration with Easybox, sobees for Facebook is a rich, full-featured and easy-to-use application which retrieves all your important Facebook information in a gorgeous interface.

We’ve been working hard on the design to provide you with a neat and trendy application. And the result is cutting-edge: you can now get all your Facebook information in a newspaper-like home page!

Regarding the features, this application lets you:

  • View friends’ status updates, wall posts, pictures, videos and links
  • See all of your friends pictures on one page and browse by profile picture, like a real face book
  • Access and view friends’ profiles and walls
  • View your friends’ recent photo albums
  • Manage events and birthdays simply in a month calendar view
  • Update your own status, and post comments and/or like your friends'

You deserve the best applications possible and we truly hope this one will improve your Facebook experience on the iPad!

To get sobees for Facebook, visit the Apple App Store.



sobees goes mobile - Hello Android

Great news for sobees: today we are releasing our first mobile application!

After having developed a desktop social client, a web-based one as well as applications for you to follow various events, it seemed natural to move on to the mobile world.

sobees does not primarily focus on Twitter, which is only one service out of the many we provide. We started sobees with the vision of consolidating information and social networks in a client, making it easier to interact with social media. Regardless of the device or service sobees helps you find the most relevant, important and interesting information from your world. With the web becoming a stream and all the services providing activity streams, our initial vision is becoming reality.