Refreshing social media with the America’s Cup

The current development of social networks progressively alternates the ways and means information is treated, selected and regarded. The platform sobees comes in as a practical and easy-to-use tool that allows interaction between the social networks, the mass media and your own discovery of an event. It will enable users to follow their chosen events throughout the multiple media vehicles that can be found on the web. Our application sobees gives you the tools and means needed to follow, interact and participate on a regular basis to the events. It has been built with modules that can be put together to provide a singular and rich experience around any events, topics, brands, or people.


sobees is being developed on the EPFL campus. Since the EPFL is also a scientific partner of Alinghi, we have chosen the America’s cup for our first implementation. Regarding this main event, here are the functions/advantages our application can offer:


  • Aggregation of the best photos, videos, news and Twitter messages around the event. Allows global and at the same time customized visibility on the events, as sources of information are various and multiple, going from official news (RSS feeds from the teams and from the official America’s cup website, Twitter messages from the Teams and from the organization) to personal and underground ones (what your friends and social entourage knows or tweet around the event).
  • Possibility of retrieving tweets containing keywords as well as Google news, with the opportunity to change the keywords in the settings. The information and what revolves around it can be selected, depending on the media type you are seeking.
  • Connection to your Facebook and/or Twitter account, so you can lively interact and participate with what is discussed around the event. Therefore, you will get practical and efficient Twitter and Facebook applications with all the functionalities you get on sobees. Resulting from these possibilities and after you have connected to your account, you will also have a status update field at the top of the application.
  • The best of both official and social community information combined in an easy way.


We hope you will enjoy this new application! http://americascup.sobees.com