bTweets module

We wanted a Twitter module since the beginning of the sobees project. Bastien did it last week, in just a couple of days. And it took a couple of hours for Sebastien to style the new buttons, add an animation and make some small changes in the design. This is great as we now have a Twitter module with basic functionalities which already looks great.

As sobees alpha is still limited to a very few number of users, we decided to release bTweets as a standalone application so that you can already enjoy sobees look and feel on your Windows computer. We have also integrated 2 buttons to record some texts you tweet regularly so that you do not have to type them anymore. For the launch of bTweets, we have recorded SXSW hashtag.

bTweets inside sobees will provide additional functionalities like the possibility to change the skin, to filter the tweets… The sobees platform is still in alpha. We are fixing issues and release more invitations every week. Do not hesitate to leave us your contact information, you should receive an invite code soon.

Click here to download bTweets.