Alpha test

You are already 1’000 subscribers for our alpha, this is a great message and we would like to thank you. We are very happy to open up sobees to more alpha testers as we are looking for your feed-backs to make sobees better and adapted to your needs. We currently send 200 invitations each week, so you can expect to get your invitation in April.

We had great reviews on downloadsquad and c|net . But Brad and Josh also correctly mention that we are in early stage. The alpha delivers most of the functionalities we wanted to build in sobees (module download, tabs, search, community, …) but all these functionalities are still in development. Some examples:

  • the tabs are slow and will be reworked
  • the community will provide people search and more services (we are currently building friendfeed)
  • the use of memory will be reduced by a factor of 2 or 3
  • the architecture currently prevents direct drag and drop between bDules (security issue), that’s why we have created the tray but we will improve it
  • the bDules will be further developed, our intention is to provide much more than widgets; every bDule can provide a real application equivalent in functionalities to a desktop or Adobe AIR application, taking advantage of the design, communication between bDules, synchronization…; as an example, behind the monthly calendar, we want to implement an agenda

On the technical side our roadmap is clear and we know how to achieve it. The goal of the alpha is to give you the possibility to begin playing with sobees and share your impressions and recommendations with us. We would love hearing from you what is your experience with sobees, how we can make sobees more intuitive, what services we should focus on… We will build a feed-back tool inside sobees, but do not hesitate to use our e-mail address This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in the meantime.