Launched at Demo - Great Feedback, More Improvements

March has been a great month for sobees!

First, and above all, we launched at Demo the most powerful social desktop aggregator (video and information available here). This version of sobees offers a greater level of flexibility and organization for a large number of internet services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed, Digg, Flickr and Youtube. In addition, users can integrate news, photos, videos and other data from the Web.

We received lots of great feedback and reviews (PC World, PC Mag, VentureBeat ) following this release. Thanks for the support. Based on your feedback, we made two releases in March, mainly in order to improve the setup, which was creating some installation issues, to fix the Facebook connection and to improve the speed of some processes. We are currently working on a new release to address other feedback like the ribbon, which you tell us is taking up too much screen place.

In March we also attended two great conferences: SXSW and MIX09. We met lots of users and got direct feedback. MIX was also a good opportunity to discover Microsoft’s latest technologies, especially Silverlight 3.

March was, all in all, a very intensive and wonderful month. Our “takes aways”:

  • Tons of positive feedback. We are making the corrections and are moving in the right direction with the latest version of sobees.
  • The market for social network aggregation – on the desktop - is heating up
  • sobees is leading the market in terms of flexibility of the application, number of services and power. Our focus now will be on improving the user experience based on your feedback and making the application more robust.
  • We want to address the Mac users very quickly, and have started the development of a cross OS version.

Thanks for all the support!

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