New Application Integrating Facebook Open Stream API

We’re Moving Fast! We’ve just integrated Facebook Open Stream API, Twitter and Twitter search in a new application.
Users can now “start simple,” enjoying desktop aggregation without creating an account.
We were developing a standalone sobees module when we heard last Monday that Facebook released its API for the full stream. In just few days, we’ve been able to integrating the new Facebook stream API (requiring a conversion of the Facebook Stream API in .NET), a powerful Twitter client and Twitter search, making our already powerful sobees social networking aggregator even more robust. We call the new application bDule by sobees (combining “bee “and “module”).
Windows 7 RC was released this week, so it’s a good timing for offering a great desktop companion for Windows users. And Mac users, we are working on your version based on Silverlight (running in and out of the browser), so hang in there.

Our goals with the new client:
  • offer a “start simple” experience making it easier for users to enjoy desktop aggregation without creating an account
  • offer a solution for netbook users
Here’s what bDule by sobees lets you do:
  • Facebook stream with some filters, likes and comments (update the status, likes and comments within the application)
  • Twitter client with multi-accounts, groups, single or multi-column view, etc.
  • Twitter search
  • A powerful and easy organization of the content in templates with sizeable columns and rows, just like in sobees
bDule by sobees is based on .NET and is easily installable on any Windows 7 computer as well as Vista and XP if .NET is up-to-date.
In parallel we are also working on a new release of sobees with a smaller ribbon and a bunch of other features and enhancements.
It’s pretty exciting to see how powerful the desktop aggregation is becoming with great APIs such as Facebook’s and Twitter’s and we are looking forward to providing sobees users with the best possible integration of such services. You’ll be seeing more of these bDules in coming months. Like I said, things are hopping here at sobees!