Major update of sobees – – and miscellaneous news

We’ve been rather busy of late with bDule’s success. We are pleased to announce that we are now ready to update sobees.

This is a major new release with countless new features, improvements and fixes.

In brief the new version of sobees has a smaller ribbon (which can auto-hide), new themed windows or “bDules” and support for new services digg. Oh, and we improved the support of some of our existing services like Flickr and Facebook. (See attached release notes for details.)

bDule vs. sobees

So we now have two products. Let’s clear up how they relate to one another.

bDule is our starter kit. If you are a social network user and are looking for the best Windows Twitter and Facebook client, you need look no further.

bDule is a single window application. It is easy to install and requires minimal setup (no account required). It is also light weight and runs well on netbooks.


sobees offers much more than bDule. It is a multi window application where each window is like bDule. The “bDules” in sobees offer more services and more customization options than bDule. Plus sobees has the ability to share almost anything you discover using any of many services supported by sobees, such as Twitter or Facebook or digg.


What are we working on now?

We are working on an even simpler, cross platform, web version of bDule, to be released this July. We are also working to add cool new social networking services to bDule and to move bDule out of alpha soon.

sobees Release Notes

  • Smaller ribbon (half size) with auto-hide
  • New thematic windows or “bDules” (Digg, MLB, NFL, Soccer and Tennis)
  • New services (Digg, Digg search and Digg RSS)
  • Flickr search rewrite and revamp
  • Addition of full Facebook stream with comments
  • Share to Digg
  • Minimize to tray
  • Changes in database synchronization for increased performance and reactivity
  • Improved multi-threading
  • Improved responsiveness when opening/closing menus and bDules
  • Improved performances in general
  • Moved sobees’ aggregate friend list to a separate window
  • Many smaller enhancements and bug fixes