NewsMix Introduces Its Channel Creation Tool

Over the past years, the news industry has become more and more social. As we see it, however, this is no sustainable trend, since one’s online communities cannot always be relevant and comprehensive. With NewsMix, we are seeking to solve this issue by striking the right balance between traditional and social media – through the NewsMix channels.

The NewsMix channels are composed of social feeds (Facebook Pages, Twitter users and/or Twitter lists) and bring together opinion leaders who have first-hand knowledge of a given domain. The result is an ever-updating channel that allows you to get at a glance the news that is relevant to you.

We started with a set of twenty ready-to-read channels on a variety of topics, which we then expanded on a regular basis (we now have some 500 channels). As of today, however, each and every one of you will be able to create your own channels based on your interests. But that’s not all: you will also be able to share and rate your own and others’ channels to help your friends get relevant, valuable news.

This new version (which is available both on the web and inside Facebook) also brings many improvements in terms of design, making NewsMix even more engaging.

The iPad and iPhone applications have been updated as well, so as to reflect the new channels.

We hope you will enjoy these new versions of NewsMix and look forward to getting your feedback. Happy reading!


NewsMix is available on the web, inside Facebook and on the Apple App Store (free iPhone / iPad application).