sobees web upgraded to Silverlight 4

Here is a sobees web update – and a meaningful one: our application has been moved from Silverlight 3 to Silverlight 4. This new version of Silverlight enables sobees web to both run in any browser window and be installed on the desktop, and this for Mac and Windows users. But we also brought lots of improvements and brand new features to the app!

The general performances of the application have grown a lot better, and so has the user experience (most particularly out of the browser).

We also worked on the connection to services in order to integrate it directly into sobees. This is a major addition which you will resent right away when using sobees web out of the browser: from now on, it will be possible for you to connect to services even after you installed the app on your computer!

There has been a great deal of improvements in terms of design, since we had to catch up with our successful desktop version. The application is now neater, clearer, trendier!

Smaller changes include the possibility to get either a tabbed or a column view, the availability of different themes and the drag and drop support to reorder the columns.

We hope you will enjoy using this new version! And don’t hesitate to tell us if you come across any bug or issue, we’d be happy to help…


N.B. 1: MySpace has not been integrated in this first release. Should you be a MySpace user, we therefore recommend you to move to our desktop application or to go on using the Silverlight 3 version, which remains available here:

N.B. 2: Please make sure that you run the latest version of Silverlight 4, which has been released on September 1st. If not, simply update it (Windows users: head to the "Windows Updates"; Mac users: it should be suggested automatically when loading sobees web).