sobees for Facebook – The first Facebook App for iPad

We are really proud to announce the release of a brand new application: sobees for Facebook! This really is the one iPad application that you’ve been waiting for!

Developed in collaboration with Easybox, sobees for Facebook is a rich, full-featured and easy-to-use application which retrieves all your important Facebook information in a gorgeous interface.

We’ve been working hard on the design to provide you with a neat and trendy application. And the result is cutting-edge: you can now get all your Facebook information in a newspaper-like home page!

Regarding the features, this application lets you:

  • View friends’ status updates, wall posts, pictures, videos and links
  • See all of your friends pictures on one page and browse by profile picture, like a real face book
  • Access and view friends’ profiles and walls
  • View your friends’ recent photo albums
  • Manage events and birthdays simply in a month calendar view
  • Update your own status, and post comments and/or like your friends'

You deserve the best applications possible and we truly hope this one will improve your Facebook experience on the iPad!

To get sobees for Facebook, visit the Apple App Store.