sobees goes mobile - Hello Android

Great news for sobees: today we are releasing our first mobile application!

After having developed a desktop social client, a web-based one as well as applications for you to follow various events, it seemed natural to move on to the mobile world.

sobees does not primarily focus on Twitter, which is only one service out of the many we provide. We started sobees with the vision of consolidating information and social networks in a client, making it easier to interact with social media. Regardless of the device or service sobees helps you find the most relevant, important and interesting information from your world. With the web becoming a stream and all the services providing activity streams, our initial vision is becoming reality.

Since our aim is to provide sobees across services and devices, we decided to start our mobile strategy with Android (iPhone and Windows Phone versions are already in development). For our first mobile client, we focused on Twitter because of its importance on mobile devices, but also because we are convinced that providing a great Twitter client is a good start to manage the complexity of almost any activity stream.

With this first version, we wanted to port our design to the phone and offer a great user experience as well as a complete Twitter client which offers almost anything a user could need. Adding more services will be a no brainer for us since we already manage them in our desktop and web clients. We also believe that there will be many Android devices bigger than phones and will therefore have a specific version for larger Android screens later this year.

This brand new application, sobees for Twitter, has been built for Android phones with Android 1.5 or a higher version. Easy-to-use and nicely designed, sobees mobile offers a powerful Twitter client to help you stay up-to-date, wherever you are, with your Twitter community and what’s happening around the world.

The functionalities available in this application are the following:

  • Handle all you different Twitter accounts
  • Share photos and locations
  • Shorten URLs
  • Read Tweets when you are offline
  • Search recent messages using Twitter Search
  • See profiles, pictures, maps and more directly in the app

In addition, we have now added Riotwise sponsored content to Twitter. We already had a partnership with OneRiot for our Search and have now extended it to Riotwise. Being linked to Twitter’s trending topics and to your own search query in the Search, this sponsored content is highly interesting and could help you make great discoveries!

sobees for Twitter really is THE application that you, Android users, were waiting for and we hope you’ll enjoy it!

Visit the Android’s Market app to get our mobile application.