Real-time search

One of the available services in sobees is called “Real-time search”. Composed (at the moment) of Twitter search, Friendfeed search, OneRiot and Facterylabs, it helps you search real-time results for any topic. Thanks to it, you will be the first one informed if something happens!

Now, how does it work? Well, the first thing you need to do is to click on Add a service and to select the “Real-time search”.


We will then display the following text box for you to enter your search. Our search supports advanced functions such as “OR” and “AND”.


Hit “Enter”, close the Add a service window and you will be done!

The text entry box at the top of the service enables you to search for new items any time you like. This will simply create a new tab, so that it will be easy for you to switch from one search to another.
In addition, you can filter in/out any of the search tools by clicking on it. Twitter Search, for instance, is not activated in the following screen shot, which means that its results will not appear in the timeline.


The “Top 10” button informs you of the trending topics on Twitter. If you click on any of these topics, it will launch a new search in a separate tab.

You also have the possibility to display Factery data to get a look at links that have been shortened, etc.
In addition, clicking on the more button at the end of a Tweet will open a preview of that Tweet for you to see maps, photos, links and conversations!

For additional features, head to the Refresh settings (button located at the bottom of the column). There, you can disable the search with one or more of the tools. You also have the possibility to set alerts for the Real-time search.