Update your status

Telling your friends what’s on your mind is a common feature in all the services like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
In sobees, you will find a button (speech bubble icon) at the top of each column for you to update your status on the service you are connected to.


In addition to the common functionality of updating the status, we provide additional features. Following is a quick guide for each service!

•    Facebook

To upload a photo, click on the photo button and select the picture you want to upload. Once the picture is uploaded, you can see it as a miniature next to the photo button.
Please specify in which album the picture should appear on Facebook.



To check your writing, use our spell check tool located at the top  right of the text entry box.


Once you have written something, click on the spell checker. The words that are misspelled will be underlined in red. When you right-click on these words, suggestions of correction will appear. Select the correct one and click on it (just like you do in Office Word).


In order to publish your status or your picture, hit send.
The update status window won’t close automatically, so please click on Cancel to close it. If you want the window to be closed automatically after having sent a status update, check the corresponding box in the General settings --> Option --> Services.



•    Twitter

When using Twitter, you can not only update your status and upload a photo, like in Facebook, but also shorten links and texts.

Shorten URLs

To write a tweet, you can use maximum 140 characters. The first tool, called “Shorten” is the key to shorten your URLs and win some lettering.
Have a look at the following example to understand how useful it is!



I have there won 37 characters by shortening a single URL !

You can choose between  different tools to shorten your URLs. You’ll find them in sobees general settings --> Options --> Services.



You can choose between, Digg, TinyUrl and MigreMe.


If you just shortened an URL but that your tweet is still too long, you can also shrink it (only available for English texts). By using “Tweetshrink” button, you can win characters and share even more things!



In the example above, I have won 6 characters by using the “Tweetshrink” button!


This functionality is similar to the Facebook one. To upload a picture, click on Upload and select your picture.


The picture you choose will be uploaded to Twitpic and the URL of the image will be automatically added to your tweet.

•    MySpace

In MySpace, you can tell your friends what's on your mind as well by using the button located at the top of your column. You there have to choose your mood and the icon you want to publish.

Update_status14 Update_status15

Your status updates on Myspace won’t appear in sobees lite, they are only visible directly on MySpace.