Introducing sobees web and bringing bDule one step closer to beta

We have some very exciting news today. We are launching sobees web—a web version of our excellent Twitter/Facebook client, bDule—available at We use the new Silverlight 3 to provide our users with the same first rate experience they have come to expect from bDule.

sobees web on Windows in Google Chrome

sobees web is debuting with:

  • A Twitter client with support for multiple accounts & the usual RTs, pictures, URL shortening… We have also added optional automatic signatures for tweets.
  • And real-time search of OneRiot, Twitter and FriendFeed. We have added OneRiot to cut through the noise when a subject is hot and give just what is relevant. FriendFeed, in addition to content, brings discussion to items.

We are very excited to be working with OneRiot to provide the best possible real time web search results of hot and trending subjects.

sobees web couldn’t be easier to use. All you need is the latest Silverlight 3 runtime—which is available for both Windows and Macs—and then head on over to You can try it out within your browser, and if you like it, right click to install the app on your desktop.

sobees web on Mac in Safari 4

sobees web is essentially an exact replica of bDule in Silverlight. Windows users should nonetheless favor bDule—our Windows only .NET version—over sobees web when running on the desktop.

bDule, our Windows only Facebook and Twitter client, is getting an update today, bringing it one step closer to beta. This new version implements the new real-time search features including OneRiot from sobees web in addition to its already outstanding Facebook support and the same great Twitter support it has had since its inception and now share with sobees web.

We have also added support for proxies to this new version of bDule and fixed many bugs and issues most notably issues with saving options and an issue with Twitter replies.

Since we launched sobees it became apparent that sobees was overwhelming for too many but did have a beautiful design and great support for services. That is why we extracted our Twitter and Facebook support, improved on it and produced our single window client called bDule—contraction of bee as in sobees and module. We have been successful with bDule and received very positive feedback. bDule, unlike its bigger brother sobees, competes directly with TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop. We have an edge though. Both our competitors are based on Air. bDule is based on Microsoft's .NET and WPF technologies which enable us to offer a much better experience at the cost of only supporting Windows. That was until now and sobees web.

Our new strategy is to build up from bDule's success. We are building better than ever support for a wide range of renowned social networks into bDule and sobees web while keeping it simple on the surface—power users will be pleased to discover the features they love and expect are also there within reach.

sobees web uses telerik RadControls for Silverlight and uses the Microsoft Azure Services Platform to fetch tweets.


Major update of sobees – – and miscellaneous news

We’ve been rather busy of late with bDule’s success. We are pleased to announce that we are now ready to update sobees.

This is a major new release with countless new features, improvements and fixes.

In brief the new version of sobees has a smaller ribbon (which can auto-hide), new themed windows or “bDules” and support for new services digg. Oh, and we improved the support of some of our existing services like Flickr and Facebook. (See attached release notes for details.)

bDule vs. sobees

So we now have two products. Let’s clear up how they relate to one another.

bDule is our starter kit. If you are a social network user and are looking for the best Windows Twitter and Facebook client, you need look no further.

bDule is a single window application. It is easy to install and requires minimal setup (no account required). It is also light weight and runs well on netbooks.

sobees offers much more than bDule. It is a multi window application where each window is like bDule. The “bDules” in sobees offer more services and more customization options than bDule. Plus sobees has the ability to share almost anything you discover using any of many services supported by sobees, such as Twitter or Facebook or digg.

What are we working on now?

We are working on an even simpler, cross platform, web version of bDule, to be released this July. We are also working to add cool new social networking services to bDule and to move bDule out of alpha soon.

sobees Release Notes

  • Smaller ribbon (half size) with auto-hide
  • New thematic windows or “bDules” (Digg, MLB, NFL, Soccer and Tennis)
  • New services (Digg, Digg search and Digg RSS)
  • Flickr search rewrite and revamp
  • Addition of full Facebook stream with comments
  • Share to Digg
  • Minimize to tray
  • Changes in database synchronization for increased performance and reactivity
  • Improved multi-threading
  • Improved responsiveness when opening/closing menus and bDules
  • Improved performances in general
  • Moved sobees’ aggregate friend list to a separate window
  • Many smaller enhancements and bug fixes

bDule great new release –

We just released a great new version of our Facebook/Twitter client. This release include some of the most requested features, especially:
  • Notifications with advanced configuration possibilities (selection of account, keyword, user, type of message…)
  • Reply, retweet, follow and favorite from Twitter search - selection of one or multiple account(s)
  • Move columns in Twitter and Twitter Search
  • Added URLs shorteners and
  • Show “from service” (optional) and “in reply to” in the tweets
Many enhancement and fixes are also included in this release:
  • Choice of album when posting a photo on Facebook
  • Fixed Facebook authorization for status update
  • Performances improvements
  • Many small enhancements and bug fixes

Let us know what you think about this version and what features and improvements are important for you now.

Here Is The New bDule Release –

Another cool update of bDule is available. The most visible changes are a dark theme, the possibility to have several Twitter searches in one single search module and central management of the Twitter credentials. Here is a non exhaustive list:
  • Dark theme
  • Central management of Twitter and Facebook accounts at application level (accounts are preserved even if a module is deleted)
  • Have several Twitter searches in a single module
  • Ability to post a picture on Facebook
  • A cancel button for status update
  • The ability to select an item
  • Up and down key navigation
  • API counters
  • Better management of the Twitter API when creating groups
  • And much more
We are still working on alerts and better group management. Our aim is to give you the best tool with all the functionalities you need. This great review gives us some very good advice and we want to consider such suggestions, as well as your feedbacks, as much as possible.


bDule Smaller Release –

You are all great for sending in all your feedback! We want to add more features but we first want to make sure that you all have a great experience. For this reason, we are pushing out a small release of bDule mainly fixing following bugs and issues:
  • URLs in Twitter feed
  • Some texts and images mixed in Facebook feed
  • All special caracters  (>,<,&,...)
  • Maximized window taking care of Windows taskbar (detect current monitor and adapt size)
  • Restore minimized bDule window from tray
  • Scrolling with arrows keys
We also added a main setting menu and the option to run bDule automatically at start-up.
We hope you will continue enjoying bDule and send us more feed-backs while we are working on adding even more functionalities based on your feed-backs.