My Friends – Our new iPad App

After the success met by our first iPad application sobees lite, we are pleased to announce the release of My Friends. We wanted to provide our users with a complete experience. This is why we have developed My Friends: by bringing together the world’s most powerful social network Facebook and a cutting edge product that is going to revolutionize the way consumers live, we achieve our goal to allow people to remain connected and involved, no matter where they are.

My Friends by sobees is the iPad application consumers need to interact with their friends online. Developed in collaboration with Easybox Technologies in Switzerland, My Friends is a full-featured, easy to use application that allows people to view information retrieved from Facebook while interacting with their community, the whole experience being enhanced by the cutting edge, newspaper like interface. The first version of My Friends is built on sobees lite, with the addition of the following features:

  • Facebook Chat
  • Facebook Notifications
  • Choice of homepage (sobees magazine view or traditional stream view)
  • Picture viewing (Friends' profiles) and uploading
  • And many small upgrades enriching the experience

As we want to constantly improve My Friends, we are already working to add filtration and more social networks. sobees lite will remain for a while and get the My Friends updates in a couple of days.




The Windows Azure Case Study

Since Fall 2009, we have progressively migrated all our Web services and Silverlight applications to Windows Azure Platform.


We decided so to ensure the scalability of our application for our users all over the world and for users of our application My Social Networks, integrated within Yahoo! Mail. Windows Azure is THE Cloud Service for .NET applications such as Silverlight and WPF.It is perfectly integrated within our publishing processes and offers reliability and performance, which matches our requirements by maintaining our costs under control.

We are also very excited about the future of Azure and plan to release data as API using Windows Azure. We took part in a Microsoft Case Study which you can find here . If you are interested in getting additional information or if we can help you with Windows Azure, e-mail us at info (at) sobees (dot) com.



sobees desktop, new Facebook permission

We updated sobees desktop to integrate Facebook new permission. If you experience and issue with Facebook service, please delete your Facebook account in the application options:

Then add again Facebook (“Add a service” menu on the top left of the application). You will be asked to validate the new permission and you should be all set once the new permissions have been granted.



sobees lite for iPad available at discounted price until next upgrade

After an initial free launch in May, and as we already informed you back then, our iPad application sobees for Facebook will now have to be bought. You will be able to get it at the special price of $ 0.99 until our next update, which should be released in July (we are already working on it). Getting the application now will ensure you a free upgrade to the above-mentioned next version, so make sure you don’t miss this limited offer!

sobees for Facebook on the iPad – Release 1.1

We’ve just released an update to sobees for Facebook that includes a few improvements and fixes. Thanks to this update, you will have the possibility to:

  • Write something on your friends’ wall
  • View and post comments on photos
  • Get a look at the number of Likes on photos
  • Click on a direct link to open (when clicking on the avatar)

Regarding the bug that prevented the Home page from loading, it is now fixed!

We hope you will enjoy these new features and, as usual, we would be happy to get your feedback! These would help us for the next release, on which we are already working!